Liebster award 2015

Liebster award 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yard sale finds

With Spring is the return of yard sales and the good bargains you can make if you dare rummaging among the derelict stuff people try to get rid of while gaining a few coins.

This wonderful lantern shaped pencil sharpener only cost me 0.50 euros! And it works better than all the other pencil sharpeners I have.

I never thought I would ever get the chance of finding a lantern stamp, let alone for the cheap price of half a euro. This will serve as a signature on my artwork...
 ...and I thought maybe as a blueprint for my very first tattoo?

This magic loom bracelet cost me nothing at all. It was donated. I had always wanted one but did not know any little girl in the family who could make one for me (I have no niece and my girl little cousins are two young).

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