Liebster award 2015

Liebster award 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

Facts about my physical appearance.

1. I usually don't put on makeup, not even a foundation cos I hate the sticky, fake, smothering aspect of it on my skin (I'm only talking for MYSELF. It's fine by me if YOU wear a foundation). Also I have a naturally fair skin (which was not so fair when I was a teen - ugh, pimples) and look younger than I am. You think I'm twenty something...mmh, no you may add some more years! :)

2. I like dying some of my streaks red. I have it done by the hairdresser. I used to have bangs/a fringe but actually having it cut made me had...fits of tetany. Yeah, un-fucking-believable!

3. So actually, this is me now, with brown hair on the top and red trims (I had a tie and dye hairdye).
Also you may have noticed the thick eyebrows. I have never known how to shape them without making a plucking disaster and ending up with pinch bruises. But!

4. ...Today I tried again and tadam!
Shaped eyebrows, yeah!
And I'm wearing makeup (but still no foundation).

5. I have to pluck hairs above my upper lips (using cold wax. Ooch!)

6. Lolitas may call me an "ita" because I buy offbrand (or Bodyline), don't always put a petticoat underneath my skirt (shame on me I know) and I also wear lots of different alt. styles (I'm not a good Goth either. Or a real punk).


  1. I don't wear foundation either. I kind of wish women wouldn't, it photographs well but in reality it's really noticeable. I tried to wear it the other day because of a rosacea outbreak and it showed every little wrinkle! It also looked weird because I normally have freckles and the makeup covered all that up, it looked unnatural. If we all wore less makeup I think we'd be less judgmental of ourselves and each other.

    I would classify your style as alternative for sure! I'm just like you, a mix bag of fashions. I like a little bit of everything lol.

    1. To be fair, I think it really depends on the foundation. The cheap powdery ones are awful for sure, but if you find one that matches your skin tone and skin type they can look just as great in person. I don't normally wear foundation, but when I do it's a low coverage liquid with a finishing powder on top. Otherwise, it's BB creams all the way.

  2. Your skin looks really nice though. I reallyyyyy like how your hair looks with those bangs! So cute! The red is really pretty too.