Liebster award 2015

Liebster award 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Halloween fairytale outfit and Halloween giveaway

Dress: second-hand
Velvet top: Bäres
Jabot ornamented blouse: second-hand
Jacket: borrowed to my mum
Boots: American River

Snow White's apple is green
Whimsical Halloween!

Cinderella's carriage! (yard sale, 0.50 euros)
So besides these cards

you will receive a REAL SILVER pentacle Pentaclespooky fake tattoos, stickers and more.
Please write the link to your blog in the comment area IF AND ONLY IF it is about the following:
  • Goth
  • Alternative fashion
  • Vintage fashion
  • Art in relation to alternative fashion and/or spirituality
  • Mental health issues’ recovery (ED, depression, anxiety etc.)
If it deals with all of the above it’s even better! I will pick up only ONE BLOGGER and I can’t tell you when they will receive the giveaway exactly but it will be before Oct. 31st of course!

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