Liebster award 2015

Liebster award 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015

To Paris and back

Out of 4 travels to Paris, I had 2 very unpleasant stays. The first one was during a heatwave with no AC in the hotel; on the second one I got a fine in the train for forgetting my discount card, I got another fine in the tube to Versailles for not having the right tube ticket, my best friend and I were refused access to a famous nightclub and we ended up arguying together...
But this time with my mum, it was pretty cool. Although small and narrow at places (hence no accessible to people in a wheelchair-thanks God I can walk with my crutches) the hotel was luxurious and clean. People were very helpful, some carried our luggage, others left a seat for me in the bus etc.
It wasn't a holiday stay. I went there to meet Dr C. a very efficient surgeon who said he will operate me on Oct. 28th this year. He will either remove the screw and plate to my femur AND add an implant or, if the hole in my bone is too large when he removes the surgical material, he will let me go home and re-operate me 3 weeks to one month later to put the implant. I try to stay confident, he has a very good reputation and is very humane. So, enough talking, here are the pics!

 Wearing a little black number to go dining

My mum looking at the window in the hotel room

Playing foolish games

 The dining room

Today's outfit: shepherd punk

Cardigan: surplus store
Skirt: at the marketplace
Shoes: Dr Martens

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