Liebster award 2015

Liebster award 2015

Friday, January 22, 2016

White black red

Today as most days I did myself to dress alternative in a chic way but as I shopped on sale and looked at my face in a mirror I told myself I don't look good. I have tired eyes and a pimple left to my nose and I haven't waxed my girlstache yet.
Anyway, I decided to take shots of my OOTD.

 Jumper: Complices
Cardigan: mall
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: E-you, Eram

Coat: Pimkie
Hat: Claire's


  1. Never ever tell yourself you dont look good :-) Maybe there are days one does not shine as much as on other days but still... and if you really dont feel good on some days just stick your thoughts to things you do feel good about (like how good the necklace & belt look with that fuzzy top!) <3

    1. Aaaw you're sweet but don't worry, I no longer obsess about "bad hair days" like I did as a teen. It was just a quick, objective glimpse at the mirror (I do look tired and I still have that pimple but I've waxed my girlstache by now LOL). I am thankful enough that I can walk and am even quite fit. And bad hair days won't stop me from taking shots of my OOTD. ;)